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2006Christopher DB403II Fully carved
1/2 size
$3,300,with bag

Playing this bass the other day Maddy and I came up with the same question, why would anyone play a bass bigger than this?

We know the reasons's of course, but it really is satisfying tonally, and just about gives you super powers on the fingerboard!

This is a carved maple back, carved spruce top mid range "Christopher"  (one of a handful of Asian bass makers  that have become the Toyotas of the industry) bass made in 2006, in excellent plus condition. The string length is 37-1/2", so that, along with body size, makes it on the bigger end of 1/2 size basses. the varnish is a traditional spirit varnish in brown.  Great bass for a serious young player, or a full sized person looking for that more manageable size instrument 

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