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Shen 5/8 size Bass, model 288

Selling this for a client who is a motivated seller. This is a great little carved bass from 2016.  Shen calls this model a 288. It has a carved mahogany back, birds eye maple ribs, and a carved spruce top.This is one of the very few with this wood configuration they have made in 5/8 and it is a winning combination as were all the 288 models that Shen produced for a while. I think the reason they sound so full and warm has to do with the soft mahogany of the back which makes the bass sound broken-in and immediately responsive.  Shen’s 5/8 models have the short string length as one would expect for a bass described as 5/8 but the body dimensions fall within the small 3/4 size range. This makes this bass perfect for shorter stature bassists who have a hard time finding a comfortable model bass to play, and particularly women tend to be drawn to this size. This current set up uses Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings and this favors a beautiful, very dark sound, especially for a smaller bass, but it could also be made much brighter with a jazzier string like Thomastick spiracore. The price includes a custom made, bright red cover by David Messina. Shen’s suggested retail price for the most basic carved 5/8 is $6,900 with no bag.  This bass would have been about $900 more than that, and the bag is $400 originally, so it is a great deal at $3700


Shen 5/8 SB 288 2016-3-51

String length 39 3/8”

Upper bout width 20”

Lower bout 25 5/16”

Body length 42”

D neck


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