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SOLD-Shen Rogeri Model, orchestral size 3/4. $4,500

2013 Shen orchestral  size, 3/4 bass. (Rogeri model), Used.

 Shen makes their larger bodied "Rogeri" model in several different configurations and this one is my favorite, a carved spruce top, solid maple sides, and a carved mahogany back. The softer back wood gives the bass a played in responsive sound right away, and this one has spent a few years in daily use by an orchestral player and also spent a summer at the Tanglewood Institute as a rental, so it's nicely played in.  I just went through the bass, cleaning off all the rosin, polishing the varnish, and seeing to minor set up details. Currently set up with  Thomastik Bel Canto strings, but substitutions can be made as needed. 

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