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Romanian carved flat back bass circa 2003. $2,600

about the instrument

This all solid spruce and maple 3/4 size bass was made in Reghin, Romania  in 2003 in the factory run by Constantin Popescu, and was was labeled “Stefan  Ulrich” 

It appears to have been imported and sold through the Samuel Kolstein  and Sons shop on Long Island, as they sold many nearly identical basses with various labels over the years and the original bridge (now replaced but included) had Kolstien’s shop made Lignum Vitae wood bridge height adjusters.  In 2003 these basses sold for about $5,500. 

Condition is structurally excellent, no cracks anywhere, some cosmetic damage to the varnish in a few spots. 

 The bass has a 41-5/8”  string length,  and an Eb neck.

This is a large, heavy  bass with a big commanding sound under a bow.   It’s made of plain, unfigured  Bosnian maple and Carpathian spruce with an ebony fingerboard that appears to have originally had a bevel which has been planed out. Recent work includes a  shop custom made bridge from a French made despiau bridge blank and it has been fitted with aluminum 14-20 adjusters. The Fingerboard was adjusted for a clear no rattles string path in our shop and the rest of the set up was optimized for ease of play and responsive sound.  

This would be a reliable work horse of a bass for a student or a school program or orchestra. 

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