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Sold-Shen 200 willow Flatback, removable neck 2014 $4,400

I bought this from Shen in 2014, and as it was  a particularly good sounding smaller model carved Flatback I ended up renting it for traveling bassists  who were performing at local concerts and festivals.  In 2019 the original neck was broken while rented to a local jazz festival. I was able to obtain a new neck from the maker and converted it to a removable neck bass  at that time. 

The system used here is the one I normally use, one well engineered with an allen head bolt and a trapped nut inside the bass. 

Shen’s all solid spruce and willow Flatback 200 model has a 41-12” string length and a “d” neck and this one is highly playable with enough “cushion” and growly sustain  to be a successful jazz bass played pizzicato, but also responds beautifully under the bowl. The strings are eval Pirazzi light gauge and the bridge has ebony handled height adjusters. 

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