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SOLD-Shen 5/8 size removable neck model 190        $4,800

about the instrument

Shen no longer makes the 190 models basses, which is a pity as I have always considered it one of their most successful basses, all around.

190 means a carved top flatbacked spruce and willow bodied bass with a laminated maple back. Essentially this would be a “semi hybrid” as only the back is plywood, but practically speaking you have the carved bass sound with a more durable and slightly punchier sound as the equivalent model in all solid wood, the 200.  It makes an ideal jazz bass but can hold its own in an orchestral setting as well. This particular example sounds very punchy and loud with a growly low end and a good string to string balance.  

Their 5/8 models are also currently not being made. It’s a large 5/8, in fact I would call the body size a small 3/4 with its  19-3/4” upper bout width, 25-3/16” LBW and fairly deep 7-5/8” tapering to 6.5” rib depth.  What’s truly 5/8 size is the shorter, 39-3/4 “ string length (3/4 size is typically 40-1/4” to 42”)   Just small enough to be comfortable for a smaller adult, or just someone who loves the playability of smaller basses. 

I bought this bass new from Shen, with a broken neck (damaged in shipping)  planning on doing the removable neck conversion, for which I obtained an unbroken neck at that time in 2017, two years after the bass was made. The system for the removable neck on this bass is a sliding T track of my own fabrication and the neck is removed by turning an Allen wrench instead through the back of the bass.  There is a soundpost retention system so the post can’t accidentally be dislodged based on a design by Portland Maine based luthier, my friend, Gael Mckeon. Another advantage of this removable neck system is you can raise the overstand and lower the string height by moving the neck upwards. The bridge is adjustable in height as well. 

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