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Shen 300 $3900

This great condition and great sounding and playing bass, is one of the first Samuel Shen basses imported to the US. Originally purchased at Robertsons in Albequerque ,New Mexico. This bass has been well loved by the two previous owners, one of whom was the first bassist for the New York State Youth Orchestra. He sold it to an Albany, New York area bassists who played professionally in a bluegrass band. 

One thing about the early Shen basses, is they used a traditional spirit varnish and this one is in generally good condition with notable wear at the heel and a few normal scratches and wear marks on the body. Other than that, the bass is in excellent condiditon.  It has never had a crack anywhere, and the years of continuous use has made it sound great.

It comes with a second bridge, both bridges are in very good condition, the second owner had a bridge made specifically for pizzicato playing.

The bass has been bored through the endblock for a Laborie style endpin as well as the standard adjustable height endpin.

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