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Sold-Shen 200 Willow Flatback $2900

I bought this carved flatback bass from Shen a couple of years ago with a top crack, removed the top, cleated the crack and put the bass back together. I also repaired a small amount of damage to the neck at the pegbox juncture using what my colleagues and I call a 'sheer plate repair". Then I did a full set up.

Shen's 200 model has a 41 1/2" string length, a "D" neck, and is very playable model, by some considered a "solo" size. The beautiful solid willow back is x-braced for trouble free, long term survival in our changing climate.

Shen started making willow laminate sides about a year before the bass was made, so the sides are virtually crack-proof. I would give this bass high marks structurally as long as it is protected from extreme low humidity, like all carved basses.

The sound is very wam, balanced and even.  And with its Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings, it has amazing left hand feel and very full and re

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