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Czech 3/4 Bass Karel Vysoky
The lovely gamba shaped carved flat back bass from 1930 was made by the master maker, Karel Vysoky in     Czechoslovakia. Karel Vysoky was one of many makers who produced instruments in Europe to be imported by Rudolph Wurlitzer and Co. Perhaps best known in these times for their USA-made theatre organs and jukeboxes, the Wurtlitzer family began making instruments in the 17th century, and made a major impact on musical life in America in the mid-19th-century, bringing better instruments at their price point to the US market as a result of importing directly from makers rather than through multiple middlemen. 

The instrument, on consignment as part of a collection of instruments being sold by a  local retired professional bassist , is in an excellent state of preservation. It is a very playable reasonable sized pattern typical of Czech gamba patterns of that period and much sought after today. The bout widths 25” for the lower bout, 19-7/8” upper     and depth of ribs.7.5”    tapering top  6-1/8” at the neck and the string length of 42-1’8” make this bass similar in size to a prewar Wilfer or Juzek labeled bass. 

It’s currently set up with Corelli strings, which emphasize a light touch and fast, easy response under the bow. But the bass would also respond well with more robust strings and a slightly higher string height for a more gutsy sound, which could be trialed here at the shop for a buyer who is seriously considering this bass. The price includes a quality Mooradian cover. 

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