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Chinese Bass, labeled “Guiseppe Rinaldi” $3600

This beautiful carved maple and spruce bass  was made for the Virginia based Brobst violin shop in China in 2004, and is a fairly accurate copy of the Parisian  mid twentieth century maker Victor Queniol.  Queniol’s basses are favored by soloists for their quick response, projecting tone and most of all ease of play in the high positions due to the slim and tapering upper bout design. The measurements include a 26-1’8” wide lower bout, 19-7/8” upper bout, and a string length of 41-1/2’. The neck stop at their heel is eb on the g string. 

It’s just arrived here on consignment from the collection of a nearby retired professional bassist and is in perfect condition. Priced at its 2011 appraisal as a used bass by the Robertson and Sons shop it represents an outstanding value in todays market especially when you consider its near perfect condition and the large increase in prices since 2011. 

The price includes a quality cover. The bass is currently set up with Corelli strings, which emphasize very quick and easy response under the bow, but it would make a good bass for other styles of playing with a more robust sounding string, and slightly higher string height. The bass has been bored for an included  carbon fiber Laborie style endpin as well as a standard adjustable endpin. 

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