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Vintage Kay Suitcase Bass, $2,400

This 1956 Kay “junior” size  bass was converted for a touring bassist as a removable neck for ease of travel .That, and it’s size ,(basically a somewhat small 1/2 size) make it easy to take apart and store in a traveling trunk with wheels and handles. The surprising thing about this bass is its sound  and feel are not “tiny.”  You can start to get an idea of in the attached video, where you get a sense of the balance and fatness of its tone.  At the moment I do not have the hard case for it but it does include a perfect little Mooradian 1/2 size cover that fits it very well or you could try it on one of removable neck Bass Cases (see our Accessories page).

Here is a link to the bass being played.        

Amazon currently lists the trunk as “temporarily unavailable” but this gives you an idea of what it fits into.

  • Fit Everything Trunk Dimensions: 44'L x 22"W x 24"H (height without wheels)

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