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 Shen Mirecourt model 2023     $5,975

Fully carved maple round back  bass set up in our shop with French made Despiau bridge and shop made soundpost and fingerboard optimization.

Shen may have started with a French pattern such as ubiquitous JTL Mirecourt made bass, but it has been modified to the point where it’s not recognizably anything but a Shen bass. 

It has a trim, compact upper bout and shoulders, which along with a modern high overstand of the neck above the top and matching shallower neck angle, make for good access to the upper part of the fingerboard. The result is a bass that’s easy to move around on. 

The lower bout is extra wide for a fuller bottom end response without sacrificing the sweetness and power of its upper range. This bass sounds great both in Pizzicato and under the bow, well balanced and with a lot of depth.  I’ve had three of these over the last few years,  this one is louder and punchier than the other two. 

The MSRP for this plain maple model (SB200) is $7,650. 

String length is 41.25”, body length 43-7/8” 20” upper bout, 27-1/2’ lower bout. 

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