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Removable Neck Hybrid bass    $2,000

This is an Asian made 3/4 size bass (41-1/2” string length with a “d “ neck). It has a fine grain carved top and laminated maple back and sides like most “hybrid” basses.  

What sets it apart, is the very clever removable neck system using a front to back mortise and tenon in the neck heel that is drawn tight by a single bolt mounted through the back of the bass an inch or so below the button.  This is a very secure arrangement as the string tension is not bearing directly on the fastener but is transferred to the body of the bass through the geometry of the joinery. 

Currently the bass is strung with Evah Pirazzi light gauge strings, a Pirastro synthetic core string that is soft feeling with a dark tone and good pizzicato sustain. 

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