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Shen 7/8 150
"Gemunder" model. 

This is a new model from Shen, combining the pattern of their 7/8 size "Gemunder" model with the materials from the 150 hybrid to create a 7/8 flat backed, hybrid bass. The string length,42-1/4" (most of their 3/4 basses use a 41-1/2" string length) extra body length of 45-1/2" (the reg. 150 is 43- 3/4") and wider upper and lower bouts and slightly deeper ribs all add up to a well proportioned 7/8 loosely based on a Vienna pattern bass.  Carved spruce top, maple laminate back/sides, and a cross braced, flat plywood back with an upper bout "pliage" (fold, or bend)

This is a good,powerful, clear bass with a punchier, sound than  the regular 150,  and also I think, a bit puncher and louder than their regular much more expensive Gemunder 7/8 models I have played.

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