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1953 King Moretone


with original working Ampeg pickup


H.N White, the maker of King and American Standard  basses made this classic. American laminated bass. These were made contemporaneously with the Kay and Epiphone basses, but each are a little different. The  King and A.S. basses have a long string length,  about 43-1/2" and a deeper, oval profile neck.None of the H.N. White basses had the structural delamination issues of the Kay basses. 

This is a very clean 1953, all original, down to the working,original collet type endpin/

pickup , the very first product of the fledgling "Ampeg" company that went on to much fame as a maker of amplifiers and instruments.  Am-peg stood for amplified peg, and that's exactly what this device is, a crystal microphone installed inside the bass on the end of the sliding endpin pegs with an attachment for an Shure mic. jack down near the crutch tip outside the bass. 

We've done carefull set up, this bass is ready to work. Wendy from named the bass "Nadine" some years ago, and the name kind of stuck.

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