Shen Model 88 

"scratch and dent"


This is a Shen that had some kind of mishap that dislodged the neck and took a couple of chunks out of the edge.  We have done a very solid  neck reset, and it's NOT coming out of there again without some major traumatic force.  We normally charge $1,675 for this model. 

This model new laminated bass. is among my favorites for a new laminated bass They sound quite good, good enough that I feel quite a few of these to professionals who don't want to take their main bass to gigs where conditions may not be the safest, like clubs, festivals and outdoor concerts.  They are also what I recommend to beginners. We do all our set up work here in our shop, spending  about 4.5 hours to adjust the fingerboard, make our own bridge from a French made bridge blank,  install high quality height adjusters, regulate the string heights at the nut and bridge, make a well fit soundpost, properly install the end pin and more.The string length is 41 -1/2"" with a comfortable and well proportioned "d" neck. 

The bass pictured has  American made Helicore hybrid strings.

1790 Cape St,  Ashfield,  Massachusetts