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Shen Model 80 w/bag


This is the base model from Shen.Makes a good beginner or school bass. Durable lacquer finish. Available in fractional sizes for the same price,

We do all our set up work here in our shop, spending  about 4.5 hours to adjust the fingerboard, make our own bridge from a French made bridge blank,  install high quality height adjusters, regulate the string heights at the nut and bridge, make a well fit soundpost, properly install the end pin and more.The string length is 41 -1/2"" with a comfortable and well proportioned "d" neck. 

The stock strings for this bass are the American made D'addario prelude, but we can provide any string desired at a modest uncharge. 

The bass pictured is the 80 with "violin" corners, but it is available in "viol" shape as well for the same price.  This bass comes in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 (pictured) sizes. 

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