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2006 Johannes 

Rubner, Panormo



This is a large, orchestral sized bass made in Germany by the Rubner firm, luthiers for the better part of 200 years.  The bass has a 41-5/8" string length,  which is normal for a 3/4 size bass, but because it is based on the work of Vincenzo Panormo the dimensions of the body make it a wide 7/8 size. The lower bout is28-3/4" wide, and the upper bout width is 22-1/4"

​We have just done a thorough adjustment of the bass including a new wider placed and more flexible bass bar, fingerboard fine tuning, a new adjustable bridge and a fresh soundpost among other things.  This bass would be a very good candidate for a "C extension" as it can easily support the low notes that would result. 

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