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SOLD-Shen 190 5/8 size
Semi- hybrid

This is becoming one of our favorite models, both for its  slightly shorter string length  of 39.5” (most 3/4 size basses are near 41-1/2”) And somewhat more compact body size. The body is bigger than some small 3/4 basses I have seen, and has a big full sound. Highly recommended for bassists who are not tall, but the playablity and good solo sound are appealing for any bassist. 190 is a “semi hybrid” bass, carved  spruce top, solid  willow ribs, and laminated, flat back.We have two to choose from plus a 300 carved back built on the same pattern , and SOON TO COME, a removable neck 190 5/8 with a new height adjustable action adjustment, 

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