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SOLD-2014 Shen "Mirecourt" model

Shen's "Mirecourt model is designed to be an orchestral sized bass with a large width lower bout but a narrow tapering upper bout for better playability in then upper fingerboard. This higher end 300 level bass in carved spruce and maple is one of what I call my "Scratch and Dent " series. It has a discoloration in the right side upper part of the top caused by an error in sanding the ground coat of varnish that was then poorly disguised. It has been set up at our shop to high professional standards with an adjustable French made bridge, careful fingerboard regulation and a perfectly fit soundpost as well as regulating the nut, endpin and machine heads. This model in 300 level has a list price of $8,200. The bass has been through several winters and is now quite stable in its wood seasoning, The bass has not been previously owned, 

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