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Sold-Shen 288, solo size


Shen has two models with similar construction, both have a carved mahogany back paired with maple ribs and a carved spruce top. One is their original solo size bass, like this one, and the other is a bigger "Rogeri" orchestral size bass.

The mahogany back basses have been very successful tonally and with the strong maple ribs its been a durable combination.

We do all our set up work here in our shop, spending  about 4.5 hours to adjust the fingerboard, make our own bridge from a French made bridge blank,  install high quality height adjusters, regulate the string heights at the nut and bridge, make a well fit soundpost, properly install the end pin and more.The string length is 41 -1/2"" with a comfortable and well proportioned "d" neck. 

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